Window Cleaning

LKS Window Cleaning Service

We have been window cleaning since 2001, LKS services is a company that prides itself on giving a quality service to its customers.

When it comes to cleaning windows, we cannot be beaten for service, professionalism or courtesy.

When the Working From Heights (W.F.H) ruling was introduced in 2005, it meant that window cleaning would become a safer environment. However, many companies are either not aware, or simply ignore the ruling.

Using our water fed pole and brush system, LKS services are 100% committed to providing an excellent clean as well as adhering to the W.F.H. rules.

Some of our customers were very sceptical of the water fed pole system when it first changed from traditional window cleaning.

However in the nine years we have used it we have yet to receive a single cancellation due to the quality of the clean.

We ensure that our water is 100% clean of any impurities that can lead to possible smears or drip marks, but on the very rare occasion where a problem has occurred, we promise to return and resolve the problem.

Working from ground level assures that we would not be damaging your lawns or garden area with ladder holes and with this system it safer, quicker and leaves no messy residue like traditional sponges and squeegees.