Solar Panel Cleaning


The LKS Solar Panel Cleaning Service can help to keep your solar panels functioning efficiently.

Your solar panels can become dirty and cluttered with dust and debris if it has not rained for a while or if the panel tilt is at its minimal tolerance. This will effect the efficiency of the panels as the grime builds up over time. Also its worth noting that dirt and grime does not have to cover the entire panel to start having a negative effect on efficiency.

For safety reasons it is always best to have your solar panels cleaned from ground level. LKS use a specialised reach pole system that allow cleaning anything that is high up and generally out of reach. This specialist system (used in the same vain as our  window cleaning service) is quick, safe and streak free. We will removing all the muck and bringing your solar panels back to tip top efficiency.

This method of Solar panel cleaning does not require the investment in expensive safety equipment and ladders or machinery such as cherry pickers. Our pole system is also considerably faster, safer and more cost effective than ladders and machinery.

We offer our solar panel cleaning service to both our domestic and commercial clients so if you have a few panels on a garage roof or an expansive solar farm give us a call on 0772 2864495 for a more information or a quotation.