Conservatory Cleaning

Groom Road
Prestwood Buckinghamshire HP16 0NB
Tel: 01494 865029

Conservatory Cleaning Service

LKS offer a professional, competitively priced conservatory cleaning service.

Depending on your requirements, we can clean your conservatory roof as well as the conservatory windows.

Using our specialist hi reach equipment we will make your conservatory exterior look like brand new again.

Our external cleaning process utilises the same system as we would use for window cleaning and solar panels cleaning.

A regular roof clean, about twice a year, will prevent a build up of dirt and algae, keeping the room in the best possible light.

Our service can also include an inside clean of your conservatory and roof, this would be done by hand.
All frame work is cleaned during the process.

Conservatory Cleaning-Inside

The results, once finished are stunning.

Please call us on 0772 2864495 for more information on our Conservatory Cleaning sevices.